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Strategies and Goal Setting

As advisors, our favorite role is helping our clients achieve their financial goals whether that be financial planning, tax planning, succession planning or even maximizing the potential of their business.  We draw on our collective experience to help our clients achieve short-term, long-term, and retirement goals.   

One of the tools we use to achieve these goals is our MoneyGuidePro®.  Working together, we'll establish your needs and wants and talk about your wishes for the future.  Then, we analyze your likelihood for success. 

By establishing your priorities, we're able to talk about what's important to you.  Are you saving for college?  Do you dream of traveling in retirement?  Do you want to buy a second home?  Instead of thinking purely of returns and growth, we talk about your plan.

Using your current portfolio, we run 1000 trials and estimate your probability of not running out of money.

Next, we create a recommended scenario.  Sometimes this means adjusting your portfolio or your expectations.  Either way, our goal here is to create a financial plan that can last you a lifetime without running out of money.

Last, we talk about your fears and concerns.  In this stage, we can adjust your plan assumptions to test different scenarios.  What if you live longer than expected?  What if the country suffers from a high rate of inflation? Economic downturn? By running 1,000 different scenarios, we're able to give you an estimated percentage of success under different scenarios.

We can also advise on a variety of other topics.  Using MyBlocks™ from Envestnet, we can help guide you on various goals and topics in an interactive on-demand setting at your leisure.  


At Hinkle, Richter & Rhine, we pride ourselves on being able to see beyond the numbers.  Ready to get started?  Email us today.  Email: Or call us at (954) 941-2312.